8 reasons why you should switch IT providers

 If you don’t have much digital nous, IT can be pretty scary. That’s why partnering with a reliable and reputable IT provider is such a good idea.…

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What is Genie & Why Do You Need a Professional IT Company to Manage It?

Medical clinics have a great responsibility to their patients to not only make them well again but also protect their privacy. Medical records are…

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Virus v Malware: What’s the Difference?


When technology works, it’s amazing. But if your devices get invaded by viruses or malware, you could be in serious trouble.

A common question from…

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How to Learn IT Talk When There Isn’t a Course to Help You

Hands up who’s ever had a chat with an IT guy and halfway through you’ve realised you have no idea what they’re talking about. At the end of your chat…

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4 Terrible Ways to Manage Passwords

The great (and obvious) thing about a password is that it protects your stuff. The not-so-great thing is having to remember the millions of passwords…

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The Pros & Cons of In-sourcing IT

When the internet goes down, you lose your iPhone or you’re hiring new staff and need to set them up on your systems, who ya gonna call? Ghostbu… Ah,…

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Why Geeks Are Better at IT (Or Are They?)

Warning: this article features loads of IT stereotypes that may or may not be true.


When you think ‘IT’, you’d be forgiven for imagining a…

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Device Management Security: It All Comes Down to Prep

It’s not a good feeling when you lose your device. It’s an even worse feeling when someone steals it and has access to your sensitive intellectual…

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The Best IT Processes to Implement in Your Business & Why They’re So Important


If you run a business these days, IT is probably a big part of it. From desktops to laptops to smartphones to tablets to servers to networks to…

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Keep a Backup or Face the consequences

It has come to our attention lately how many customers of ours are not actually keeping a back up! This blog entry is nothing technical, but rather…

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